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The "Force" Itself is the source and Creator of Life and it is Love (not sex) that makes it grow

Members of ‘The Force’ are keen to follow a moral path, whatever their age. The men are real men who fight with their will and determination and the women are feminine and support the men in their fight against evil. They are creative and get to know Father telepathically and learn to listen and obey what He tells them to do.

They take only what they need and are not interested in material wealth, but in spiritual growth (Matt. 6:24).

They are interested in the planet and what can be done to sustain and protect it for the generations that follow. They are aware of the policies that cause damage to the planet and offer their time and
attention to suggest adjustments that are sensitive to the needs of our communities and our people. They look back at their lives and where necessary work together as one force, following God’s law and The Commandments to guide them, to put right any mistakes that have been made in their lifetimes.

They are an active taskforce determined to fight evil for their children, and their children’s children. I would like to make the point that Politicians and policy makers would save a lot of trouble if they listened to 'The Force'.

They feel that having a purpose and making a difference is an important part of their spiritual growth and inspiration. God protects those who obey His Law’s and provides everything they need to do His work and fulfil their needs by creating abundance and harmony.

The members of ‘The Force’ try to set a good example and graciously challenge others who fall short of expected standards and integrity and advocate that everyone follows a good path. They seek to strengthen families that have suffered from divorce, migration and, as a result, have become dysfunctional and without clear parental guidance. They work to re-connect children to their dads and seek to shine light on evil and show the truth.

Members of 'The Force' love life and are active in many different ways. They are serious contributors to the wider spiritual and social agenda. To the best of their ability they network, collaborate and influence and enjoy a gracious, modest, sustainable community that promotes a culture of Love and Peace..

Are you up for the job?

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